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Vault is a one-of-a-kind, performative, fully-immersive light-stage.

It premiered at Spirit Hall in October of 2016 and ran for 4 consecutive Fall seasons.

Most iterations of Vault were approximately 40' wide, 12' high and 60' deep (including the stage). The standard pixel-count consisted of a little over 3000 light-cubes.

Hundreds of live performances took place underneath its ceiling. Some of the many highlights were collaborations with: Big Freedia , S U R V I V E,  Author and Punisher, AJJ, DIIV,  Deafheaven,  Loefah, Perturbator, Joe Kay, Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds,  Tobacco, Shawn Rudiman, EarthGang... and many more....

Top Video- Improvised performance filmed by Jordan Beckham

Second Video- S U R V I V E excerpts, filmed by Rob Larson

Original Design Mockup by Ian Brill

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