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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

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Ian Brill
Ian Brill
Oct 03, 2019

Day 2 was busy. It started with:

emptying recycling from my van

Taking my father and I to costco, where I got cat litter, water, cat food and snacks for my studio

I cleaned my studio

Had a meeting with Rick Rogers

Talked with Erin Cooper about Vault installation

Had a meeting with Emily and Kate Hancock

Prepped some curves

Ordered Contact lenses

Corresponded with Katrina about a late-add in my 203 course

Hung the Norm Painting with Ryan's help

Changed the Cat Litter

1 finger of whiskey

Chess Battles back up to 1461

Chess up to 1597 with a brilliant move involving a battery

Finished the long tutorial about Grasshopper, taking less involved notes out of necessity

Watched several…

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